New podcast episode is out today with Brent Beshore. He shares his secrets to buying micro-equity businesses and how to become a solid capital…
New podcast episode is out with world-class writers, Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole. This is what my editor Arie said of the episode. I made her proud…
The #1 way to support this newsletter is to subscribe, share it and listen to my podcast of the week. I interviewed Sahil Lavingia (CEO of Gumroad…
We’ve officially landed in 2023. And I want to start 2023 by making predictions about how the internet, the rise of AI, ecommerce, social apps and…

September 2022

The one product framework you need today
And how you can stand out on the internet

May 2022

Changing my showerhead has changed how I think about life and business. In the early 2000s, it felt like everyone became obsessed with rainfall shower…
It's good for you

March 2022

What February 9th 2032 could look like

November 2021

The year is 2030. You live in rural Montana in a cabin with your spouse and 3 children. You wake up, pour yourself a cup of hot coffee, and check your…

September 2021

JPEG Summer is Over, New Format Fall has arrived

July 2021

If you want to beat Amazon, be memorable. Let me explain to you why I think “Experiential Commerce” is the new e-commerce. This will equip you to beat…