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One thing i'll have to disagree a little bit with you on Greg is...

I'm a solopreneur using an agency model. Doing tech projects (building products), creating content (videos), light SEO, etc. for clients.

And i've just passed the 3-year mark and only feeling more energized. ie. burnout's not on the horizon.

Right now i'm juggling 4 clients, maintaining a few newsletters, and helping 2 venture builders build startups.

But for me the key is being extremely structured and process oriented... so everything gets done according to its priority. And i use lots of vetted upwork folks as my outsource army (who I control via my Clickup system).

In my experience the folks that burnout... are often not highly structured.

And have that feeling that everything is hitting them at the same time and they're just trying to stay afloat.

But if you have a system... where each day you set up in the morning exactly what you will execute that day and in what order... and then you do it.

I feel like i can continue like this indefinitely and enjoy the hell out of what i do

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Nice insights.

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Thank you for that!❤️

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