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Who is Greg Isenberg

Hi there, I’m Greg.

I build internet communities. I'm the Co-Founder of Late Checkout, a product studio that designs, creates and acquires internet communities. I’m also an advisor to Reddit, and a previous advisor to TikTok.

Previously, I was the Head of Product Strategy at WeWork (via Islands acquisition). I was the Founder/CEO of Islands, a messaging/community app that was acquired by WeWork. I was the Founder/CEO of 5by, a leading video discovery app which got acquired by StumbleUpon. I helped build one of the internet's most popular financial education app Wall Street Survivor (acquired).

You can get to know me deeper on my podcast Where it Happens on YouTube, Apple or Spotify.

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I build internet communities CEO: Late Checkout. We are a design agency, studio and fund building community-based businesses