While i agree in part I also think this might get you too many of the same type of person.

I, for example, hire tons of contractors. Mainly from upwork and then continue working with some of them (the good ones) long term.

My interviews last just 10 minutes to make sure they can speak english ok and seem like they can listen.

Then I give them a task that lasts about a week. And i use that to filter out about 2/3 of folks. Because i'm testing for whether they follow my highly systematic clickup system of working to a tee.

ie. I optimize for people that are highly systematic and disciplined. Because that's what i want as 'employees'. And i dont necessarily want the kid that's out hustling stuff on eBay if he ain't systematic.

But that's also because ive found the stuff I do lends itself very well to systematic people, albeit not the best 'hustlers'.

So just saying that depending on what you want the folks to do.. i do think there are some other types of profiles that work.

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Yes and yes. In hiring hundreds of people over the years for my creative agencies, I’ve found that many people who come from “the best” places don’t have the chip on their shoulder. The hunger. They’ve already “made it” and you have to pay a premium for past performance. But “aggressive self-starters” can come from anywhere. And their hunger is palpable. If you can earnestly provide them with the opportunity to make it, then it’s a great fit. Hit them on the way up. Not after they’re already at the top.

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We recently received over a hundred resumes for a job opening, I discarded half them and told my assistant, "We can't have unlucky people working here.” 😂

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