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2 'new-ish' to try out re: your #8 'Moody':

- cosmos.so

- objet.cc (only focus on objects)

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Really liked "4. Subspotlight".. in part because this is one of the problem areas that one of the startup my 'wannabe product studio' is working on.

ie. we are 2 months into an app we call "Picnik" which allows folks to create groups around either a digital community (eg. Late Checkout) or a topic like this one: https://picnik.app/remote_work

Then we begin setting up 1-1 calls between members of that group each week like Lunchclub.

I've met some amazing folks in some of the calls i've had so far. You get so much more out of an actual phone call than just exchanging online messages.

Also for group admins.. we allow you to cherry pick who you wanna meet each week.

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Oh wow, we really do need a leader in the decaf world. Such a genius idea! I can't wait to see who it's going to be

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Interesting ideas, especially the hagglebot. Thanks Greg!

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Fun ideas. I tweeted them out on my startup idea feed here - https://twitter.com/this_startup/status/1685018633469321219

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Greg you know that the "Nest Protect" is a thing, right?


"Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm"

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