As soon as I sit down at my computer in the morning (with coffee!), I spent the first 30 minutes writing before doing anything else. That way no matter how unproductive the day will be I get the writing done.

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Hi Greg - We have a true AI focussed company in operation for a number of years now before the amazing current AI boom took off as a client. They have a number of pure play AI focussed bussiness avenues. If you are interested in speaking with them I can be reached through www.omni8media.com. Here are a couple articles on the company that explain their AI business opportunity:



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The Mr Beast interview got me super fired up too - his idea to focus on "10,000 days" instead of "10,000 hours" feels like the advice we are missing. What would you want to work on and improve at for 20 years?

Also very cool to hear his enthusiasm for Feastables, his chocolate brand. He said that Walmart does $4 billion a year in chocolate sales, entirely dominated by 4 companies.

I appreciated his insight YouTube skills translated to consumer products, from packaging as thumbnails to just delivering the best experience to people.

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