Hi Greg, great article! Thanks for sharing.

Would you be able to quickly expand on, "create a brand that people fall in love with?" For example, how did Discord create a distinct brand that appealed to the gaming community?

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We unbundled a Canva's feature and sold it for $5000.

I built YVisuals, an app with visual templates inspired by Jack Butcher and the likes.

It is classic unbundling in process. I realized it only when Katt Risen pointed it out.

Read about it here: https://nocodeexits.substack.com/p/how-a-tiny-canva-alternative-got

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Great analysis.

Please do one unbundling article on fin tech.

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Are there any examples of how to build MVP and get first 1000 users for such Reddit unbundling?

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How do you do the unbundling if the mods ban all your posts on the reddit lol

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Love the article thoughts here!

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Great article - data science tools tracking these trends should come in handy to find the fastest growing subreddits

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I still remember when Andrew's post first came out 10 years ago. Crazy it's been a decade!

This update is extremely apt. My concern with these kinds of markets is that consumer behavior is extremely finicky, brand more important that ever with so many options.

I wonder if there will ever be an unbundling of Wikipedia?

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why not? there's a room to improve.

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Hey Greg, I have been thinking and wanting to unbundle a reddit page that I follow for some time now, and when I heard you come on Sam and Shaan's podcast and talk about it, I knew I needed to just start and stop waiting! Thanks for the motivation and validating my thoughts of the unbundling of reddit communities.

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This is a great post Greg. Subbed!

Trying to understand how this looks like when the problem gets solved by a new company. Is this something like this:

Community (Reddit) offering discovery and “basic features” as part of the larger platform

Needs are underserved

> Are there consumers producers?

(Maybe a marketplace) e.g Airbnb

> Are there quality issues and maybe need to do specific things to their community such as voice calling?

(Maybe an improved community) e.g Discord

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