Great predictions and very spot on. yes. consumerism will become very similar to gaming. we need to up the levels a notch dopamine wise and if i was interested in making bucks online I would take this to heart. In fact especially with the rise of chat gdp it should be pretty easy to bang out the code.

My predictions for this year is ongoing and further separation of the virtuals and the physicals. In person classes are going to be continuing their decline while in person meet ups skill shares / resource swaps are going to be big. supper clubs and home school groups are going to become elite around not by how much but who's in.

the black market is going to become more accessible as well and less deviant.

Also there is going to be a lot more people loosing it. the isolation and loneliness and demand that they matter is bring more folks out to create a bang.

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Jan 5, 2023Liked by Greg Isenberg

Appreciate you Greg. Always offering a differentiated pov. I am a proud Community College OG.

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Great thoughts Greg! I'm intrigued by the open/close hours for the internet. Normal for "real life" but not the internet. Can't wait to see how everything keeps progressing!

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Great predictions. Thank you for sharing!

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Feb 2, 2023Liked by Greg Isenberg

Totally agree with AI take -people are looking for realness, they want a story to buy into. The same goes for the shows you’re talking about too. YouTube changed the blueprint for creators and made gaming content addicting and normal. 12 years ago I was 13 and big into the CoD community. It became over saturated but the best story tellers won by retaining that audience. Excited for this year.

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Some great and logical predictions and some blod ones as well, a great post overall.

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love your insights. had a different ring to it!

my predictions:

• tiktok gets banned in us. or has a different version with no security issues.

• twitter either dies or becomes really huge.

• ai first products will rise. think if intercom was built from scratch with ai in mind. products like jasper will just be a feature in apps like notion. new user interfaces would be created.

• low-level tasks on fivverr/upwork will be automated by people who know how to use ai tools

• chatgpt like customer support tool will come.

• deepfakes become hard to spot. products like instagram-as-a-service & onlyfans-as-a-service will be here.

• first ai creator crosses $1 million on onlyfans.

• 10x coders would be common. 10x coders as in people who can output 10x more code thanks to copilot/codex/ghostwriter. maybe we can coin a new term 100x coders haha.

that's all i got :)

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Is it possible that the friend-to-friend social network product would just be all the messaging apps that we already have today? Before MySpace and Facebook invented broadcast sharing, instant messages are how we talk to friends. There’s no point to fish likes, there’s no likes. it’s simply staying connected with friends.

I always wonder with the model of BeReal, after a while, will the content get less interesting? because after all we are all bunch of ordinary people that are probably always doing the same thing at certain time of the day.

Being real is also being ordinary. That’s why TikTok and IG is still winning so far.

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predicted super gadgets or technology which will help next zen kids to learn building robots in their early school days.

need to connect with technology leaders who can helps to develop and build tech courses for kids

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Absolutely bang on. The only part you left out is that people will continue to be (self)absorbed into the web of fake reality, life perfectionism (that everyone obviously has) and the feeling that once offline, they're inadequate.

Stumbled across your pages via an AI led link, only to find the deal isn't actually about AI at all, but rather how the amazing possibilities AI offers will just be used to create the newest version of something that nobody actually needs.


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Hey Greg! Love your work and the Where it Happens Pod! You mention leverage a lot throughout the podcast, could you define leverage as you see it? What is leverage as an entrepreneur and how do you create it?

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The AI take is a good one. I think to put a finer-point on it, I might argue that content will need to either have tons of personality, or be incredibly-opinionated, in order stand-out from AI-generated content. I think one second-order effect of the commoditization of content is that we're going to see even more polarization. "eh, I can get a fair and balanced synthesis from Bing. I'm browsing to hear not facts, but opinions, predictions, and movement."

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Jan 9, 2023·edited Jan 9, 2023

Loved your predictions!

You mentioned: "Other ecommerce brands are using trivia, lottery, digital collectibles, mini-games, seasons or competitions to win access to their product."

Are there any particular brands you're particularly excited about that you can share? Would love to understand how some brands are using trivia / mini-games / lottery as a way to engage with customers.

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Nice predictions :)

I got 5 on Apple Acquiring Disney's digital business.

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